July 15, 2024 4:25 am
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New Hampshire Receives Funding To Develop More Electric Car Charging Stations

Credit: iStock

Mohamed Bughrara

As reported by the Alternative Fuels Data Center, over 1,300 more electric vehicles were recorded in New Hampshire in 2021 than in 2020.

New Hampshire would acquire over $17 million in federal assistance during the next five years to develop more electric car charging stations. The proposal asks for the installation of 12 charging stations each 50 miles along key routes such as I-93 and I-89. The outlets would be located within one mile of the motorway. Route 3 would be considered as an electric car route in the next round of financing, according to transportation officials.

According to authorities, the very first charging stations created under the plan will be ready for public usage by 2025.

WMUR spoke with many Granite Staters321`, those who drive gas-powered cars, indicating they would be more likely to acquire an electric vehicle should fuel prices spiked, yet with the average cost of a new electric car around $66,000, it’s still out of reach for some.

Dorothy Phalen of Granite State said she does not possess an electric vehicle but hopes to get one for her future automobile. “We need to be less reliant on people who hold us hostage for the oil and the gas,” she said. “We need to get away from that. We need to be more independent, and I think electric is the way to go.”